Linked Cultures

Cross-Culture Consultancy

Helping people thrive far away from home

In the time that we live today, companies need to think global in order to grow and to create innovation. We need competences and skills from all over the world. Which means that we need to work with international employees. And learn how to navigate between different cultures.


Working with international high skilled people is great, but there is also a cost and risk involved. If you are not able to dance together it is a loss of resources and energy.


Onboarding of an international employee and his/her family is a big responsibility. It is an investment which you know you need to take. But you are also aware of the many risks that come with relocating an individual and family.


Is your international employee going to thrive in his/her new host country?

Will he/she be able to stay long enough so you will get the investment out?

Will his/her family be able to build a happy life far away from home?

Do you as HR-department have the right knowledge to provide a sustainable onboarding?

Do you have the rights skills to provide emotional support?


You just want it to be a good experience for everyone.

But you wonder how to give the best possible support in order to succeed.


Linked Cultures helps medium-big companies with a successful onboarding of international employees and their families. And supports the HR-Departments and Team Managers in creating a successful and sustainable story.


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